Forex / Crypto Assets Management

With the advent of crypto currency in 2009, we believed that a future of unprecedented economic freedom was inevitable just as the internet democratized information, crypto currency would democratize money. Hence, the value proposition was clear with a supply that can’t be increased and a system that isn’t controlled by a single party, cryptocurrency was a radical new form of money, a store of value that anyone could use to protect their wealth.

It was this vision that inspired us to create the world’s most secure bitcoin storage and trading company. GemSquare Invest has since grown to serve over a million customers worldwide. The cryptocurrency market is still in its active development stage and is capable of delivering a potential profit above 100% annually until 2025 for those who invested in digital assets. However, high reward in the crypto currency market are usually accompanied by high risks.

GemSquare Invest uses a hybrid approach towards assets management process reducing the potential risks through the high levels of capital diversification. The choice of specific investment instruments is carried out by continuous automated and manual analysis of the effectiveness of both evaluated assets and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. GemSquare Invest uses Coinbase and binance exchange platforms for the trading operations as these platforms offer high liquidity, reliable customer service and high levels of security, as well as the ability to improve the efficiency of the investment decision making process by providing the compatibility with the fund's software systems.

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